Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Convenience of Off-hours Order

At present, trading hours at the Philippines Stock Market is from 9:30 AM to 12:10 PM and most of the time during this hours I'm busy with the household chores and sometimes I have to attend to some important matters away from home so I can't really attend to my on-line trading at the stock market.  When I was still working, our company has blocked the website for stock trading so there's really no way I can check on my portfolio.

Good thing, my broker Citiseconline has a feature wherein I can make orders even if the market is already closed.  This is what they call "Off-hours Order" or "After Trade Orders".  The orders (buy or sell) entered using off-hours order will be queued on the next trading day and once the price you set will be matched then a transaction will be made and recorded.

This off-hours order is really helpful for those who can't go on-line during trading hours so check on your on-line stock broker if they have this feature.  For Citiseconline clients, you can access this "Off-hours Order" by logging in to your account then click on your "Trade/Portfolio" then click "Off-hours Order".  A preview order button will be opened so just fill it out and enter your password to complete the order.  You can check the orders you have entered on "Off-hours Order" by clicking on the "Off-hours View/Cancel" button.

Happy investing/trading everyone.

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